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Township Quintet

The young musicians come from many different backgrounds and are happy to share their musical instruments with each other (there is a shortage).

This foto shows the young friends showing off their skills in the streets of Masiphumelele. Their musical adventures can take them far and wide, some playing in the streets of Cape Town, Knysna and even as far as Germany, where they can share their talents with others from various Countries.

This can be a life-changing experience and several of our graduates will confirm that they were saved from drugs and crime by joining our projects, changing their life-style and their group of friends which led to 'a whole new world'.


Izivunguvungu Youth Band's first performance in Bremen, Germany, 2012



They will return to Germany by special invitation for the 50th anniversary of the Musikschau Der Nationen in January 2014. Full sponsorship for travel and accommodation is provided by the German hosts who were so thrilled and emotionally stirred after the concerts they witnessed in 2012. There is a requirement for funding to provide some of the young people with essentials such as extra clothing, passports etc, and spending money for the young people who come from homes that cannot provide this.


Izivunguvungu Youth Band at Knysna Festival, July 2013

The Youth Band was again requested to perform at the Knysna Festival and presented six concerts.Their appearance on the Woodmill Lane Bandstand was enhanced with the presence of the resident artist accompanied by his'Scottie Dog'.The locals took the chance to have their portraits painted and Cdr Mike Oldham took the chance to pose with the dog in front of the Band! The young musicians also thrilled the audience at the Knysna Waterfront and it was generally agreed that they were a worthy substitute for the famous SA Navy Band, who were unable to make their annual appearance at the Festival.

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