Music News

Our senior female music student has been accepted at the University of Cape Town College of Music for 2018.

Class music is now offered at various schools from Grade 3 upwards, after which there is voluntary attendance at the music groups.

New students hoping to join the main Band have been grouped together and are known as the ‘Bowmans’!

2017 Music News

2017 was a year of highlights and also sadness.  (Aqueel Davids, our youngest student, was accidentally killed in a drug related shooting).

The junior groups continue to grow, starting with Grade 4 classes in various schools, although some Grade 3s insisted on joining? (we are now looking at +400 young learners). The Band groups performed many concerts this year and had to decline several invitations. The United States Consulate national day featured the Izivunguvungu main Band and we have already received a further invitation from them.

The Knysna Festival is an annual event for the Band and this year they performed the public concert at the end of the Festival.

The Band was invited to play for the season opening at the Royal Cape Yacht Club, with whom they have had a long association, and were congratulated by the Commodore. The main band is already known in parts of Europe and received an invitation from friends in Liverpool to visit the CLIPPERS ROUND THE WORLD FLEET, especially the #LIVERPOOL YACHT, where they performed for the crew and a huge crowd of V & A visitors.


The Project has now linked up with the ORPHAN FOUNDATION in Westlake, performing for the weekly Club and for their year-end function, while also giving some students basic music lessons.

Music 2016

The Music Group performed at the Knysna Festival promoting the “Education for Life” themes of Drug-Free and Anti-Bullying.

They were also presented with special plastic instruments (trumpets and trombones) by the British High Commissioner, Dame Judith MacGregor. Other performances included one for the Red Cross Memorial Children’s Hospital in November.


The Izivunguvungu Music and Sailing students continue to make their mark during the first half of 2016. The combined groups were selected to lead the community parade through Simon’s Town as part of the South African Navy Festival, April 2016. The Sailors won first and several other placings at national and local regattas, including the MAC24 and the Inter-Schools.

The Musicians were invited to perform at the Diplomatic function prior to the opening of parliament. They also combined with visiting musicians from the Royal Military School of Music at the Navy Festival.