“Let us take the children away from the streets, away from the drugs and crime”

Minister of Arts and Culture

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Izivunguvungu – Temporary Plans, September 2020

IZIVUNGU SAILING PROJECT is temporarily not operating in the SA Navy’s West Yard. The new arrangement between the Navy and Izivungu involves moving to new office/store/workshops within the Yard. There is also to be a new ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ formulated by the Navy, outlining their ongoing support to Izivungu. Flag Officer Fleet (Adm Mhlama) called the Izivungu Foundation Manager (Cdr Mike Oldham) to a meeting regarding the above, prior to the Nationwide COVID-19 Lockdown. However, Izivungu activities in the Yard and the new arrangements have been temporarily suspended due to the Lockdown. Izivungu is still active in the Ocean View Schools environment, in conjunction with the Community Liaison Officer and the School authorities, engaging with the students from the Sailing and Music Projects.

It is anticipated that ongoing plans will proceed shortly.

Our target – the schools of Ocean View, Redhill, Masiphumelele, Simon’s Town etc – more than 5,000 pupils in these schools.

Sail, Sing and Study towards a Secure Future

TV feature on Izivunguvungu
Cdr Mike Oldham, Foundation Manager, is interviewed on the SABC Espresso TV programme: on 6 October 2014. This features one of our top students, Howard Leoto, former Mirrors Champion and a college graduate.

Izivunguvungu offers a unique combination of Sailing and Music projects for the benefit of the youth from disadvantaged communities.The general development and educational progress is also prioritised in cooperation with the schools, guardians and community workers.

Commencing in Grade 4 or 5 the aims include ensuring skills development appropriate to at least the level of an accomplished amateur. Sailing, Boat Building or Music may provide job opportunities for a few of the students.

It is hoped others will have the chance for a secure future, either via False Bay College or our own Courses which can enable skills in wood/metal/fiberglass and paintspraying work, helping towards a job opportunity or self-employment.

Izivunguvungu performing in Germany