(Ministry of Basic education, South Africa)


1.  No disruptive behaviour

2.  No aggressive behaviour towards others

3.  No vandalism of property

4.  No sexist, racist or other discriminatory behaviour

5.  No weapons, alcohol or drugs

6.  No stealing, lying or cheating

I will promote respect, positive self-esteem, responsibility and caring.

The Pledge, compiled from similar documents at the schools, is signed by all new members after discussion.

Project Conditions for Involvement

Conditions required from external parties to sail with Izivunguvungu students:

  • It is required from the skipper to have the necessary maritime qualifications for the voyage in question.
  • The skipper and crew must be willing to share their knowledge with the students and to act as mentors towards the students.
  • The skipper and crew must be positive roll models
  • Any sign of racism will lead to the immediate exclusion of the parties to any involvement with Izivunguvungu. The students must feel welcome on the boat and all interactions must be done a purpose to promote integration on board.
  • The prevailing attitude must be of the utmost respect. In the event of any Izivunguvungu students being treated as sub servants, the parties will immediately be excluded from all involvement with Izivunguvungu.
  • Any use of drugs or alcohol on the vessel is strictly prohibited.
  • All food and drink must be shared out equitably
  • Izivunguvungu will not send any students at sea without being accompanied by an Izivunguvungu Coordinator.
  • The Izivunguvungu coordinator is responsible for the students and has the right to suggest alteration of course to the nearest port to abort the trip, in the event that any of these conditions are not being met.
  • A student must never be left on deck alone while at sea.
  • A student must never be forced to do a task for which he/she is scared or which is considered too dangerous by the coordinator.

Conditions required from Izivunguvungu for getting involved with sailing events related training

The project undertakes to expand training in line with additional funding according to the following criteria:

  • The interested party commits itself to pay Izivunguvungu for the operational expenses of events� related training.
  • The interested party commits itself to pay Izivunguvungu for expenses for the event itself.
  • The interested party commits itself to pay the salary of a coordinator responsible for students plus equipment and delivery of the agreed undertaking.
  • The interested party commits itself to initiate training at least three months prior to the event. Beyond that time frame no training requests will be considered.
  • The interested party commits itself to provide the additional project equipment required (e.g. training vessels)
  • The interested party commits to have insurance for the vessel.
  • The interested party agrees to having sponsors logos on the vessel.
  • The interested party commits itself to ensure that one of its members prepares and goes over the vessel inventory with an Izivunguvungu coordinator prior to the commencement of the training schedule.
  • The interested party commits itself to ensure that the vessel is completely entrusted to Izivunguvungu over the training period without external control or involvement.
  • The interested party commits itself to allow Izivunguvungu to make motivated alterations to the vessel in order to make it user friendly for training and racing.
  • The interested party commits itself to – post event – go through another inventory check of the vessel with an Izivunguvungu member, leading to a mutual satisfying signing off by both the coordinator and the interested party.
  • Izivunguvungu will endeavor to hand back vessels in a better condition then they were received.