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Izivunguvungu – Temporary Plans, September 2020

IZIVUNGU SAILING PROJECT is temporarily not operating in the SA Navy’s West Yard. The new arrangement between the Navy and Izivungu involves moving to new office/store/workshops within the Yard. There is also to be a new ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ formulated by the Navy, outlining their ongoing support to Izivungu. Flag Officer Fleet (Admiral Mhlama) called the Izivungu Foundation Manager (Cdr Mike Oldham) to a meeting regarding the above, prior to the Nationwide COVID-19 Lockdown. However, Izivungu activities in the Yard and the new arrangements have been temporarily suspended, due to the Lockdown. Izivungu is still active in the Ocean View Schools environment, in conjunction with the Community Liaison Officer and the School authorities, engaging with the students from the Sailing and Music Projects.

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